Amigo Case Study

Case Study

Product branding and website design.

Amigo is a brand new product created by Meyertech Ltd which focuses on enhancing the safety of lone workers. It is designed to be an extension of their leading product, FUSION, providing a more connected solution for communicating with and monitoring lone workers whilst they are out in the field.

Amigo Brochure
Amigo Brochure
Amigo Product Branding


With our long running relationship now spanning over four years, Meyertech called upon us to collaborate in the creation of their newest product. They required us to develop a fresh and engaging brand that would help the product to stand out against competitors in the industry. To achieve this we wanted the brand to be sociable and light-hearted, which led us to the conception of Amigo.

Since the product was designed to act as your partner in the field, we chose a colour palette that would evoke a welcoming impression. We then crafted a minimalistic logo to complete the identity of the product, using clean curves to accentuate the approachable feel.

Amigo Website