Meyertech Ltd.

Case Study.

Branding and digital experience for Meyertech.

Meyertech is a leading British technology company that develops Video Management Software (VMS) and manufactures hardware products for the CCTV surveillance and PSIM markets. With their solutions deployed around the world in many different markets, Meyertech has become a global provider of class leading services in the security industry.

Meyertech Branding
Meyertech Logo


Meyertech approached us with the challenge of refining their brand image and developing an online presence that would help to grow their business. We began by assessing their brand and decided to strip back the visuals to emphasise the brands core design that was recognised throughout the security industry.

When researching the brand we realised that Meyertech’s iconic blue colour was causing inconsistencies from digital to print. So to resolve this we opted to change the colour to a flexible alternative that would allow the brand to be consistent across all mediums.

Meyertech Website Design
Meyertech Website Icons


To promote their brand to a wider audience Meyertech required a new website that would match their brand image whilst being easily accessible across all devices. We set out with the goal of creating an enjoyable user experience that would help to showcase the services that Meyertech provides. By designing the website on our responsive platform we made sure that it was optimised for the latest devices on the market.

Meyertech Website Design